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How to Submit a Job for Evaluation or Re-evaluation

The initiation, or submission of a Request for Job Evaluation or Re-evaluation by either an individual employee, or the local management representative, is to be given immediate attention by the Plant Job Review Committee. The Plant Job Review Committee will ensure a Request for Job Evaluation Form is completed in detail and properly endorsed. The detailed completion of this form can not be over-emphasized. 

If using the online form, fill out the form fields first before printing. The online form has grayed out areas that show the information fields to be completed. If you are filling out more than one form, use the convenient reset button which clears all form fields except the Plant Number and Plant Name & Division fields.

So, begin by considering this first...

Having exercised its prerogative to either accept, or reject a request, the Review Committee is then responsible to ensure the request form contains all the pertinent information.  For example, if the name and location of the Company were omitted from the request form, the Industry Job Evaluation Committee would not be able to determine where the named job was to be evaluated. So when you begin to fill out the form, begin by recording the Company Name and Division one the first line.

Next, do this...

Record the name of the job you are submitting in the area to the right of Present Category Title. The name of the job recorded here should coincide with what the job is referred to on the Updated Record of Evaluated Categories. The Updated Record of Evaluated Categories is the official record of all evaluated categories in  your operation and contains the technical names of jobs which are sometimes different from the names used on the mill floor. So it is important that the correct job names are used so the evaluators do not unknowingly consider the wrong job. Updated Record of Evaluated Categories is part of the documents that can be found in the binder of job descriptions.

Then this...

On lines 3 and 4 you will find an area to tell the Evaluators what the current job rate is, and what wage group the job is currently in, again according to the Updated Record of Evaluated Categories. The Present Category Grade and Present Category Rate is included to help ensure the correct job is under review. It will also show whether or not the job has been previously evaluated and if present records should be adjusted as circumstances dictate. In the case of new jobs, the interim rate will be recorded here.

And this...

Fill in the job incumbent's name. The Name of Applicant is important because it enables the Evaluators to approach that particular individual should some controversy arise as to Job Content or otherwise.

And then do this...
Retroactive pay, Red-circle Protection and/or Letters of Understanding decisions can only be determined by the Industry Job Evaluation Committee if there is unanimous agreement by the Review Committee on " the date". There must be agreement as to "the date" upon which a Change in Job Content occurred, or a New Job was created. In the space provided, record the date when the change was effected if it is an existing job that is submitted; or the date when the new job was created. This particular section of the form protects both the employee's position and management's position under the job evaluation program. A brief statement indicating the specific reason or reasons for the request will assist Evaluators in determining if the judgment of the Review Committee was correct in establishing the job status as being a new job or a change in job content. Put this comment in the State The Specific Reason(s) For The Request section. 

If using the online form, maybe select the appropriate comment from the drop-down menu and clarify the comment if necessary in the space provided.

And second to last, this...

In the Review Committee Only section, the Review Committee should include the Date Request Acted On and Disposition and Reason(s) to help establish the efficiency of a particular Review Committee and provide a record of their activities. You will find that this date does not always correspond with the date of change of job content or the creation of a new job.

And finally, be sure to do this...

Be sure to get all the required signatures on both the Request Form and the Job Study Record. Endorsement of the Request for Job Evaluation by members of the Review Committee verifies the unanimous agreement of details contained in the documents, or as otherwise indicated on the form in writing. Should disagreement occur in whole or in part, it is suggested that the protesting USW Review Committee Member or the protesting Management Review Committee Member indicate their protestations in writing on the form or on an attached signed piece of paper. The Evaluation Committee will deal with any problems arising from this final endorsement process if advised in writing.

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