The information provided on this webpage is for the lumber manufacturing operation at:
Western Forest Products Inc. - Chemainus Sawmill

SRD Plant 15

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Current Letter of Understanding

February 27, 2014

Request For Rate Determination Application Forms
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Rates Effective Jun 15/13 to Jun 14/14

Rate Last Determined

Group 3


Stenciller/End Sealer/Transfer Person Feb 19/86
Timber Crane Helper Feb 19/86
Group 4


Edger Drop Sorter Feb 19/86
Slingman (Scow Tender) Feb 19/86
Group 5


Scow Tender Feb 19/86
Sorter Bin Operator Feb 19/86
Group 6


Slipman Feb 19/86
Sorter Bin Operator Jan 24/14
Sorter Stacker Operator Feb 19/86
Twin Chipper Feeder/Setup Feb 19/86
Group 7


Correction (Hula) Trimmer (Unmarked) Feb 19/86
Quad Drop Sorter Feb 19/86
Resaw Drop Sorter (Pregraded) Feb 19/86
Stationary Trimmer (Rotating) Feb 19/86
Group 8


Auto Package Press Operator/Stationary Saw Apr 13/92
Boom Boat Operator Feb 19/86
Carrier Driver Feb 19/86
Log Cutoff Saw Operator Jan 24/14
Timber Crane (Sorting) Feb 19/86
Group 9


Bypass Drop Sorter Jan 24/14
Forklift Operator (Block Clamps) Feb 19/86
Quad Drop Sorter Jan 24/14
Group 10


Assistant Shipper Oct 8/02
Forklift/Shipping Coordinator/Yard Utility Oct 8/02
Resaw Drop Sorter/Grade Reader Jan 24/14
Timber Crane (Tied to Production)/Grade Checker Jan 24/14
Vertical Resaw (Linebar) Operator Feb 19/86
Group 11


Mechanical Barker/Sidelift/Boomman/Bull Moose Operator Apr 13/92
Group 13


Shipper/Loading Coordinator/Supercargo Oct 8/02
Group 14


Kiln Operator Dec 5/01
Group 15


Console Grader/Export Grader Feb 19/86
Timberdeck Grader Jan 24/14
Group 16


Main Edger Jan 24/14
Group 17


Cant Quad Breakdown Feb 18/98
Export Grade & Tallying Inspector/Coordinator Oct 8/02
Quality Control Coordinator Feb 27/14
Group 23


Band Headrig Sawyer - ISD Controller Feb 1/01

Western Forest Products Inc.

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John Pletz, WFP Technical Advisor

Shawn Harris, USW Technical Advisor