The information provided on this webpage is for the pole and timber treatment operation at:
Stella-Jones Inc. - New Westminster Operation

SRD Plant 50

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Current Letter of Understanding

February 8, 2021

Request For Rate Determination Application Forms
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Rate Last Determined

Group 2


Clean-up & Watchman Oct 1/79
Group 5


Crane Chaser/Car Loader Dec 01/80
Group 9


Forklift Operator/Tallyman Oct 1/79
Pole Framer/Grader   Jan 15/09
Timber Framer/Framing Lines   Jan 15/09
Group 10


Pole Peeler Operator Oct 1/79
Group 11


Log Loader - Grapple Feb 08/21
Group 13


ATL Crane Operator/Liebherr 944 Jan 15/09
Group 14


Quality Control Coordinator Jan 15/09

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Tom Getzie, FIR Technical Advisor

Shawn Harris, USW Technical Advisor